5 Blockchain Books You Should Read in 2019

Would like to be more involved with cryptocurrency and blockchain? Would you like to learn the basics of this new industry that is revolutionizing the world? You should read [at least one of] these books!

1 — Ultimate Blockchain Technology: Mega Edition

This is actually a pack of six introductory books! It is an awesome deal for beginners looking for non-technical books to quickly get a grasp on these technologies. This mega bundle will get you up to speed on the basics quickly.

Just click on the link to be redirected to Amazon’s webpage where you can get the deal!

2 — The Blockchain Revolution: a Tale of Insanity and Anarchy

Yea, ok… this one is not as educative as other ones. In fact, it is not meant to be educative. It is meant to be thought-provoking, and exciting!

This book presents a world where blockchain rules! A world where governments fight for control… It is a thriller, I guess that was implied.

The world’s banks have adopted a new technology called blockchain. But is it safe? To be sure, they hire cybersecurity super-sleuth Frank Adversego. Soon, he’s faced with massive hacker attacks, a crisis between Russia and the US, and an unstable genius bent on overthrowing global governments to create a brave, new, anarchist world.

It is an awesome combination of drama and technical accuracy! Check it out for yourself!

3 — Blockchain And Decentralized Systems

You hear about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies everywhere right? In fact, it is very easy to get into a heated discussion with simply mentioning Bitcoin. Even experienced technologists sometimes miss the point, claiming that blockchain is either a magic pill that will save the entire humanity, or that it is no better than the traditional database with its old tricks. This book, the authors focus on the principles of blockchain and decentralized technologies and answer the question of why a particular technology was designed in a certain way. Everything you ever wanted to know is here… in plain English!

4 — Blockchain Basics 2019: The New Updated Investing Bible for Cryptocurrency

We’ve all heard the expression, “if you had invested 100 dollars in Bitcoin in 2011, you’d be a millionaire today”.

Thing is, it’s already 2019 and the cryptocurrency playing field has changed. Is it still profitable today? Is it still possible to become a millionaire today?

This book gives you an awesomely detailed guide on how to invest your hard earned dollars, euros, pounds, whatever, in cryptocurrency. It is simple to understand, and perfect for noobies to wet their feet in the ocean that is crypto and the blockchain.

5 — Alphabet Blockchain Cryptos: An Illustrated Learning Guide for Kids

Well… this one says everything in the title. It is a very [very] beginners guide to crypto and the blockchain.

It is, in fact, so beginner’s friendly that it is aimed at your kid! That is right!

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is the way of the future, and now you can give your little ones a head start and prepare them for the world ahead. Learning the ABC’s has never been so tech-savvy!

Have you read any of these books? Let us know which one was your favourite!!

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