5 Essential Steps To Grow Your Community

Just a few essential things you should have in mind when trying to grow your audience.

1 — Understand Your Current Audience

So let’s say you already have an audience. Do you understand them? Do you know who they are? What do they do? What do they like? I understand… it is hard to get this information. But, if you would like to increase the number of followers you have, you need to understand why your current audience follows you or your brand.

Say, you have a moto blog show on YouTube… You already have a simple idea of who is your audience right? Same can be said if you had a cooking show or a fashion blog. You can just infer a certain profile from the type of content you create.

However, this is just a broad idea/profile. To have a better idea you should pay attention to the analytics your platform gives you. If you create content on Medium, there are not many insights you receive about your audience. However, if you use YouTube, you should already be able to see the sociodemographics of your audience, and this would give you a certain advantage. If you use a website for your content (WordPress or any other CMS), make sure you use Google Analytics. It is a vital tool that gives you as many insights as you need to understand who visits and reads your content.

Once you know who they are, you can make content directly targetted at them.

2 — Content is King, Consistency is its Queen

Bill Gates said in 1996 that content is king. However, every king needs its queen. And content is not an exception.

Consistency is everything. If we compare two identical blogs (with the same quality): one that posts on a weekly basis will grow less than the one that posts every day.

Well… I am not telling you to publish content every single day. I understand that will be a herculean task. Neither should you trade quality for quantity. However, bear in mind that the more high-quality content you can publish, the more growth you will see in your community.

3 — Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

Engage with your audience. Make them feel that they are important. Because they really are. Without them, you would not be where you are right now. Every single person counts.

How should you engage with your audience?

  • Answer to every comment personally;
  • Be friendly in your answer. Especially if it is to a negative comment.
  • Publish some questions and surveys. This will allow your audience to actively participate in your community.
  • Start regular Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions.
  • Live Stream some parts of your daily life on Instagram / Facebook. Show your audience that you are human. Just like them.
  • Be creative!!

4 — Make use of referrals

Referrals are proven to be a key method to increase any audience (paid or not).

And, let’s be fair, who would you trust more? An advert you see on social media, or a friend asking you to try out a product, service, or just read / watch / listen to a piece of content? You see where I am getting at.

Creating a referral system is always a good way to increase your audience.

For example, a very frequent use of this in community growth is: asking others to share, like or comment your post and they might receive a reward.

5 — Advertise!

And now, the obvious, albeit more expensive one: pay or partner to advertise.

There are essentially two ways you can advertise it:

1 — Use paid ads (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) — This will make you reach a lot of new people that fit the profile of your audience.

2 — Partner with another blogger / publication and do a guest post / video — This is a very interesting and cost-efficient way of reaching for new audiences. Just find someone in your niche or a related niche and ask them to join as a guest.

Both of these options are extremely good at reaching new audiences.


Essentially, with the first four steps, you capitalize on your own audience. The more you keep your audience happy and engaged, the more you will grow. This is not only because your current followers tell their friends and family about you, but also because social media platform algorithms love it when there is a high level of engagement.

With the last step, you put yourself and your brand completely out there to reach new audiences that did not, until then, know who you were.

Good luck and we hope these tips helped you with your brand!

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