5 Tools For Incentivised Advertising

Incentivised advertising has been around for quite a while and is used on various websites and apps.

Now be ready for 5 platforms that will take you even deeper into the world of incentivised advertising and discover the benefits they offer!


Swagbucks is a reward and loyalty program that offers their users the opportunity to earn by filling in online surveys and polls, watching videos and using other search engines than Google.

They are one of the most popular incentivised advertising platforms out there and in fact, one of the most legitimate.

Mechanical Turk

Of course, Amazon has not been sitting idly when incentivised advertising has boomed. The website is a perfect place to find workforce if there is a job that has to be finished by a lot of people. Anyone can sign up and get rewarded by simple tasks.


Slidejoy is an app for Android users, which gives out rewards just for using your lock screen. Latest news and personalised ads will be delivered right on the first screen of your phone. By engaging with them you will be in for a treat — Slidejoy offers both cash rewards and gift cards.


Perk of course comes with little perks, one of them is that is available for Android and IOS both. Do what you normally would do — check in at a nearby location that offers Perk points, watch videos, play games and much much more. Perks points can be changed into real cash, gift cards and other awesome prizes.

Make Money App

Make Money App is similar to what we have discussed previously — it is possible to earn with them by completing tasks anytime-anywhere. However, they claim to pay better and faster than any other apps. Check it out yourself whether it is true or not.

Can you guess already what makes Birdchain stand out among all those apps that already do a wonderful job by using incentivised advertising?

Birdchain offers their users the possibility to earn by engaging with personalised ads and completing simple tasks. The reward comes in BIRD tokens and is one of the greatest ways for both old crypto enthusiasts and also newcomers into the crypto world to earn cryptocurrency.

It really is that simple — check it out yourself!

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