A comprehensive explainer on how to use the SMS feature.

You want to send SMS through your phone and don't know where to start?

This guide will walk you through the process.

First things first, make sure we are sending SMS in your country. Right now, we are sending SMS in:

United Kingdom, Nigeria, Indonesia, Netherlands, Cameroon, France, Germany, Italia, Malaysia, Philippines and Lithuania.

If you are not in one of these countries, you are not able to send SMS... YET

If you are in one of these countries, then follow these points:

1 — You got a push notification “There are available SMS to send”.

2 — Open the App on the SMS tab.

3 — Push the button “START sending “ on the bottom of the page — click “YES” on the pop-up to make Birdchain default SMS App.

  • Wait for 1–2 minutes to see if any SMS is sent from your phone.
  • During this time, you can navigate in-App and watch ads, learn tab, etc. But you must remain in-app.
  • When/if there is no activity you can stop.
  • If you sent any SMS, numbers will grow on SMS sent and BIRDs earned fields.

4 — Push the button “STOP sending “ — click “YES “ on the pop-up to go back to your normal default SMS App

Some Important Notes:

Make sure you have a phone plan with unlimited or free SMS. If not, you will either be charged for the SMS sent or do not send SMS at all.

Make sure your SIM card and phone number are of the country of residence you selected in-App. If not, you WILL send international SMS to the selected country of residence, and probably will be charged for that.

Additionally: Birdchan should be automatically set as default SMS App when you click yes on the pop-up asking if “you want to make Birdchain your default SMS App”. It works properly on most Android versions, however, some version of Android may make this process harder. So it’s important to test if it’s working properly.

Test if Birdchain is being properly set as Default SMS App!

  • Open the App
  • Go to the “MORE” tab — “SMS” tab.
  • Push the button “START sending” on the bottom of the page — click “YES” on the pop-up to make Birdchain default SMS App.
  • Close the Birdchain App, or send it to the background.
  • Open you usual phone’s SMS App/Icon
  • A pop-up shows up saying asking if you want to make this App the default SMS/Messenger App, or other notification stating that this is not the default SMS App — All is working properly!
  • Nothing happens, you access your SMS inbox normally — Birdchain was NOT set as your default SMS App.

While Birdchain is set as default SMS App, you will not be able to receive any SMS. For that reason, push notifications play a key part in Birdchain’s SMS feature.

It will warn you when SMS are available to send, and allow you to turn on-off default SMS status on Birdchain App for a short period of time and reduce the window of possibility of lost SMS to the minimum.

As Always, if you have any question, feel free to contact us on our social channels:

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