Adding New Features to #Birdchain app

👋Dear #Birchainians we believe it's time for us to take the #Birdchain app to a new level that will greatly impact the project.

👌After a series of discussions with some of the core actors, the #Birdchain team has decided to add some new features to the current #Birdchain app.

👉We've decided to add an end-to-end secure 💬chat, 🔊audio, and 🤳video calls features.

💪we are currently finalizing the development and deployment of the new app be available very soon.

👉These features will come with free and premium packages which will add more use cases.

Keep in mind that our standard 📅roadmap is 100% the same and nothing has changed, but just a slight difference in the time frame. So far, we've got all the products in good shape.

We'll talk more about the call and chat features in upcoming updates.

Download the #BirdChain App now and join the sharing Economic era.

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