Look out! Scammers at loose

If something on internet seems too good to be true then it probably is. Recently there has been quite a lot of activity from scammers under Birdchain's name on various social media sites. Please be aware and alert!

  • Birdchain team will never ask you to send your tokens to a random wallet promising you to pay you back 3x as much (or anything similar).
  • Birdchain team will never contact you over any social media site or Telegram asking for funding, help etc.
  • Birdchain team will never use our own social media comment section to make announcements and offers.

If you think that someone from Birdchain team is trying to get into contact with you always double check before responding to make sure who really is behind the other screen and what intentions they have.

Ways to make sure who you really are talking to or if any offers seen on the internet from Birdchain are real:

  • Email us on support@birdchain.io
  • Message our official Facebook page
  • Message our admins on Telegram @mykolas_poc & @mirjamr, our community ambassador @multti, or our CEO @Joao_Martins.

Have you noticed any suspicious activity? Let us know so we could warn the rest of our community.

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