Birdchain app upgrade is now 100% complete

Dear #Birdchainians

Birdchain app upgrade is now 100% complete.

The gaming feature has been integrated and it's currently undergoing testing.

📌See it in action in this video

Soon we'll push Birdchain app latest version to Google playstore for downloading.

As stated in a previous article, revenue generated from this gaming feature will be distributed as follows:

-30% will be rewarded to the top game players
-4O% will go to the staking option which is coming soon.
-30% will go to the cost of maintaining the project.

Now in Birdchain app, there are more tasks to complete and a gaming feature that allow you to earn more BIRD tokens.

If you don’t have an account, install the current #Birdchain app from play store using this link

Login in to your account and start completing tasks. You get rewarded #Bird tokens for every task completed.

Hold these #BIRD tokens in the #Birdchain app. No need for an external wallet.

Equally, you can use #BIRD tokens to pay for advertisement on the #Birdchain ads platform and other partnerships we’ll announce soon.

We’re always working to provide the best user experience in the #Birdchain app.

Don’t forget you can always get more #BIRD tokens by swapping on #pancakeswap

📌Direct link to #swap Birdchain on pancakeswap

For any assistance, contact our support at [email protected]

Birdchain official social profiles for more information:

Official website:

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