Birdchain: A Company Committed To Global Wellbeing

We understand that businesses have a lot of financial power, which can be used for the good of the global wellbeing of societies. As a company, Birdchain is committed to more than providing the best services for our customers — we care for all people. We are willing to do as much as we can in order to change the world for the good.

Changing The Oligopolistic Market With GBI

SMS market is valued at around $60 billion. Currently, the majority of this pie goes to a few oligopolistic aggregators. We don’t believe it’s fair and we’re willing to change it. With Birdchain, we have created a system that would allow anyone who has a phone have a piece of that pie. What makes it even more appealing is that our business model is aimed specifically at creating a passive income. By using our Instant Messaging app, it will not only be a fantastic decentralised application to chat with friends but also will earn cryptocurrency for text messages that will be sent in the background, earning you money without any effort.

Receiving a certain amount of money each month additionally to what you get for your main work is essentially receiving a Global Basic Income. GBI is strongly advocated by researchers, as it would help to reduce poverty and increase equality. However, most of the businesses are against it, as they are led by old stereotypes. We, on the other hand, know that GBI is a solution to many global problems, and are happy to introduce a way that would help it happen.

The Issue Of Wage Gaps

Wage gaps are another great issue globally, and oligopolistic companies mainly cause it. By dominating a certain sector, they have the power to dictate everything from quality, to prices and salaries. Those who are in executive positions surely enjoy the perks of them, however, the majority of people, who are either forced to work in lower positions, or buy the essential services without having plenty of choices, are not treated fairly. They don’t have much bargaining power, thus having to agree with the rules set by the managers. By creating a source of income that can be received by anyone owning a phone, we will take that power away, and divide it equally among people. Each person will be able to choose to receive money passively and even adjust the amount of it. You, as a customer, will be able to decide how many messages you are willing to sell, and thus how much money you’ll earn at the end of the months. Businesses that will use our services will consequentially have a better choice of SMS marketing service providers, and, also, will gain a stronger bargaining power. They will finally be able to say ‘no’ to overpriced aggregators with poor customer service. As a result, they will be forced to improve the quality and lower the prices or shut down.

An Extensive Solution To The Problem

SMS marketing, however, is not the only way Birdchain will contribute to creating GBI. Integrated marketing is another service that will allow you to earn coins. By simply watching video ads, you will be able to increase your account balance. The principle is simple and slightly reminds of that used in some video games: you watch an add and this allows you to get to a new chapter. Except instead of chapter you receive a Birdchain coin. Those you will be able to use however you like, for example, accessing premium content. Websites that require an expensive subscription will become available for a certain amount of crypto coins you’ve earned passively.

Simple Way To Get Basic Income

To sum up, Birdchain is here not only to introduce yet another service. We are here to improve everyone’s life. By only allowing us to use a certain amount of your SMS for marketing, you will earn a passive income. A self-balancing distribution algorithm will ensure that all our users are paid equally, fairly, and transparently.

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