Birdchain Donation Campaign.

Birdchain is now been run by a new tireless and eager team, that aims to bring solid progress to the project. And now is the time to rally the community once again.

Now is the time to do or die, and we cannot do this alone, with our strong community to step forward and help us ensure a standing shot and the success of Birdchain.

For this, we are running a donation campaign to help us accelerate the progress and achieve better results.
We don’t want to lose this unique momentum of crypto.

Please feel free to donate as much as you feel comfortable with, everything helps as we don’t plan to sell any of the token reserves that we got from the old team.

This is a sensitive moment for BIRD and we don’t want to crash the value, dump, press its liquidity or hurt the token in any way.

  • What will the donation be used for.
  • Ans:: All donations will be used for a new exchange listing, to ensure liquidity to the current market, development, and marketing.
  • What’s the minimum and maximum amount for donation.
  • Ans:: There is no maximum nor minimum amount. Please donate any amount you feel comfortable with to help the project move faster.

          Below is our Donation address.

Bitcoin address:: 1KWJkzN4fpug9PcrEDweYhXnPVL24Whwo9

Etherum address:: 0x81D8810715F00Aec38a6FA8A6A88B58788Bd2093

USDT ERC20 token:: 0x9C41f442D6aD538b58570cf31AA0DD1CC399fb92

USDT Tron address:: TYoceEuh3FDn72y3ZAxGfLHQyadQqN6Vz6

Tron address:: TYoceEuh3FDn72y3ZAxGfLHQyadQqN6Vz6

Litcoin address:: Lb6SFbQDZKR6AkaKfKKdTsyHk6gcFxX9xZ

BNB address:: bnb12zt0dssaayv6la79lumslwhuupacuycnmz26x5

            Thanks very much for your support and Donation.

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