Birdchain Marketing Actions and Development — Where are we at?

Since the release of the last version of the app with the SMS feature at the beginning of October 2019, we have been doubling down on our Marketing efforts in trying to reach more and more users in Indonesia, Nigeria, UK, and the Netherlands.

Needless to say that the advertising efforts have been fruitful. In fact, in three weeks we have seen over 3000 new installs at an average cost of 0.22€ per install. Furthermore, our campaigns have enjoyed a steady conversion rate of nearly 9%, with one country reaching a 20% conversion rate. That is astonishing. 1 in 5 people watching our ads will download the app!

More than only static ad campaigns, we are planning influencer campaigns in the upcoming months. So, do not strange if you hear about Birdchain in any blogger, YouTuber or media publication out there. The issue with influencers and outlets is that, unfortunately, it is very hard to assess performance before the ad takes place. Unlike Adwords where we know that we will pay per install, and, therefore take control of our budget much more carefully, with Influencers and paid media publications it is almost a shot in the dark. Especially with many crypto influencers faking the number of followers, and bots dominating audiences… Nevertheless, we understand how important bloggers are and endeavor to tap into this medium, albeit much more carefully than with Adwords.

Birdchain’s referral programme is also live right now! You can enlist your friends, family or any other person in Birdchain. If they download and perform certain actions you will be rewarded! You can find out more by updating your app, all information about the referral programme is there. Since the programme was rolled out a couple of weeks back, we have got a little over 100 successful referrals and happy new users.

Future Actions

We now have the copywriting challenge underway. If you feel like it and are a little creative we would love to hear from you. We don’t require much — just a simple text about Birdchain or the market Birdchain currently is in. You could be in to earn as much as 25k BIRDs and join two other winners from the other contests in some interviews! How awesome is that?!

Also, we have exciting monthly contests about to come in November and December — Referral contests. The ones that lead the scoreboard will win amazing monthly gifts from Birdchain! We guarantee it is going to be legen-daaaaary!

You will also have the opportunity to decide what will be the next countries where the SMS Feature will be launched! We will come back with more further information about this soooon!

Finally, one last thing, although the Holidays are still a couple of months away, we will be launching a sweet holiday special contest for our dear community.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information, coming soon! :)


Your Birdchain team.


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