Birdchain Partners with Modr8

We are happy to announce that Birdchain has partnered up with Modr8.

Modr8 is a powerful all-in-one platform that allows you to create personalised community management telegram bots. Through the wide range of built-in options and commands, that are accessible via the web dashboard, the bot is fully customisable to suit your needs. Implement CAPTCHA to block any spam, modify filters to prevent unwanted content, create a list of the latest news or even encourage the discussion within the community! And yes, Birdchain’s Telegram chat is also monitored by Modr8 bot!

Multiple projects have implemented Modr8 because of its simplicity and now they cover more than 100k of unique users. That opens amazing opportunities for collaboration in the areas of marketing, user and client acquisition. As a result, we are thrilled with the upcoming work and results it is going to bring, both for Birdchain and Modr8.

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