#Birdchain Payout Update for Month of August

Dear #Birdchainains

For this month of August, US is leading in #BIRD ads  followed by other countries.

See the image below

Now, why should you complete an offer in #Birdchain app?

When you complete an offer in #Birdchain app, you not only generate revenue for #Birdchain project but you’re also rewarded #BIRD tokens.

If you like, you can trade your #BIRD for other crypto like btc, eth or HODL it in the #Birdchain app. A win-win scenario.

The more offers you complete, the more BIRD tokens you get and the more revenue you add to Birdchain project.

If 2000 Birdchainians complete an offer everyday, this will enable us to launch all our products and proceed with a massive marketing strategy. So, make sure you complete offers everyday.

In the gaming features, more than 1000 users plays games in the #Birdchain app everyday. This is impressive.

We’ll be updating the gaming top scoreboard soon, and top gamers will further be rewarded with BIRD tokens.

Revenue generated from completing tasks and gaming are being shared like we described in this article

-30% will be rewarded to the top game players

-4O% will go to the staking option on #Birdchain swap platform.

-30% will go to the cost of maintaining the project.

Keep completing tasks. Don’t have the latest #Birdchain app?

📌Use this link to grab it and create a free account.

📌Need more BIRD tokens? Swap for it on pancakeswap.

For any other assistance, contact our support at [email protected]
Birdchain official social profiles for more information:

Official website: https://www.birdchainapp.com/

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