#Birdchain Project

👋Dear #BirdChainians,

We know many of you are impatient and want fast results.

Please we want you to understand that #Birdchain is now been run by a new team, and the #Birdchain new team didn't raise any money from ico Or received any money from the old team to run the project.

👉The New team actually bought the project from the old team to develop to keep the community intact.

The old #Birdchain team and the New #Birdchain teams are two different separate bodies. The New team came in because we know what to do and get this project to the next level.

Dear #Birdchainians, be patient with us, we have a very limited budget and we are trying to bring the best out of it.

We have so many products we are developing and testing.

Once we get more comfortable, we’ll roll out and start making some pretty noise around the space.

So far the #Birdchain Community has been the most patient community we’ve come across, and we are so happy you all have a long-term mentality.

💪For those who are impatient, please understand that the #Birdchain project and the #Birdchain New team has come to stay, so don't think we are ever going to slow down our love toward this Interesting project.

👏We will launch both our #Birdchain chat feature and publisher option on the same day.

Currently, we are busy working and getting things in place for the great and long journey ahead.

Don't forget #BirdChain Never die, stay tuned for more updates ahead.

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