Birdchain to change its wings.

Dear Birdchainers

It’s time for Birdchain to move on to another phase of its life.

During 2020 we considered different possibilities for a new approach to grow the project.

After much pondering of all the options available to us, we picked the one that we felt would ensure a tight relation of Birdchain with its community and strengthen that bond, while taking on the project with a new perspective.

Our ultimate choice is to deliver the project to a team led by the prominent community member known as “Multi”.

In the past couple of months we went through the “hows” of the operations and all the steps necessary to make it happen, and this week we signed the final agreement to formalize it.

These past 3 years were a hell of a ride, now we wish the new owners of the Birdchain App all the success in the world and we do a commitment to provide all the necessary assistance to make this process as smooth and successful as possible.

We want to thank everyone that was involved in Birdchain, all those that share their enthusiasm, silent support, ideas and hard truths. All those that took this flight with us. We are eager to see the new destinations that this flight will take now!

To all of you a big thank you and GO BIIIRDS!

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