Customer experience on launching ads

Have you considered launching a campaign with Birdchain? Are you having doubts about the outcomes? Let's take a little peek together inside one of our customer's experience who has kindly shared his results with us.

The user has been with Birdchain since the ICO where he already purchased some BIRD tokens. Now, about a month ago, he decided to put some of his tokens into good use and create a campaign. The mentioned campaign was created for a project which works on network marketing.

While a month is not a long time, he has already seen some growth in his user base who have come and stayed via the ads launched on Birdchain. Active users who have started to follow their channel after watching and engaging with their ads is by now over 330.

Why has he chosen to advertise on Birdchain? The customer claims that he likes how the app users will be notified when there is a new ad up for watching. Also, the options in creating campaigns lets him target a lot of app users during chosen period of time. He mentions that the reason he has continued to use the feature is simple - the outcome is very promising. Up to 10% of people who have viewed his ads have actually taken an interest in his project, which is a higher result than from many other platforms.

Another thing he suggests to use launching Birdchain campaigns for is to promote your personal referral links on various projects that you have faith in.

Why not try it out yourself and see what the results are like for you? Simply click on “New Campaign” and fill in the fields. You can find a more detailed guide on how to launch ads from here.

If you have already launched some ads via Birdchain we would love to hear from you. Share your experience with us here on our Facebook.

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