Forget Adwords — Top 5 Ways to Reach Your Target Audience

AdWords are not one-size fits all type of advertising medium. They are some times expensive, and that ROI may be lacking. Many people even nowadays use adblockers for privacy’s sake! So… what else can you do to reach your audience?

1. Use Influencers

Influencers are able to engage their fans by being their true selves. They express themselves through authentic and engaging content, which their followers look to for inspiration. According to research I have done (and yet to publish), trust is the number one reason people follow an influencer’s advice. They simply relate to them and their lifestyle and, thus, when an influencer finds a product useful, it is likely that their audience will also find useful. Now there is a whole complex construct behind the process of building trust between someone and their audience, however, that is not something we should touch in this article.

Another important fact is that people look to associate brands with feelings. Brands, on the other hand, always strive to win the hearts of consumers and create a positive brand image. Usually, brands use influencers to create this subconscious association of values. That is why, however, when some personality is involved in a scandal, brands are quick to drop their ‘sponsorship’.

Because of this, and some other variables, influencers are known to be the method of advertising that returns the best from your investment. The return, however, is not only seen in money but in other values attributed to factors such as social sharing and publicity as well as other forms of organic digital media exposure, are also seen as exponentially growing with the use of influencers.

2. Reddit

Reddit has a community dedicated to pretty much everything. Whatever interests you have (and I really mean — whatever interests you have — you will find a community that tackles these on Reddit. Due to this, it makes it extremely easy for companies to target people incredibly well. For example, it is easy to guess the demography of something participating in a subreddit called : “r/scotland”, “r/photography”, “r/freelance”. Ok, yes, not always this means what we may believe it means, but many times we can safely assume that someone living in Scotland loves photography and is a freelancer. Perhaps it is even a freelancer photographer, right?

To sweeten the deal, Reddit has launched CPC ads. Therefore, you only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

However, Reddit can be an unforgiven place. Especially for spammy marketers who do not care about their customers. But, if you’re genuinely trying to improve the lives of others with your product or service, Reddit can be a fantastic site to connect with your community and potential customers. Just make your ad appealing, interesting, worth checking out amongst many other interesting news and comments showing up on their homepage.

3. Content Creation and Promotion

Sure you can pay to promote your content, but you do not need to! Actually, we, Birdchain, are the proof content creation works wonders. We create(d) plenty of posts talking about advertising, more specifically, incentivized advertising, as it is our focus and what our product offers. Now, try going to Google and search for the keyword: “incentivized advertising”. The first (or at least one of the first results) you will get is our Medium article about Incentivized Advertising. This was not paid, we have not spent one cent promoting it.

How can you do it? It is simple: Create Content. As simple as this. Create content and be consistent. One or two articles a week will add up and eventually, you will get well ranked for a search term interesting for you. Or, if not, at least you may increase your social following, your brand awareness, along with many other interesting metrics.

You can also promote your content if you want to be found faster. Either by using any of the PPC alternatives or by just contacting another blogger and asking to write a guest blog post. Chances are, they need the content.

4. Quora

Quora is a site that allows it’s users to ask and answer questions. These questions can range from hypotheticals, business related, or story requests. If you are old enough you probably can understand the comparison with Yahoo answers where you were probably checking whether that ex-girlfriend of yours could really be pregnant with only a couple of kisses. For today’s folks, and as I have previously talked, Quora it is a lot like Reddit in the sense that you’ve got an upvoting system and the higher ranked your answer, the more people will see it.

So the goal of Quora is your answer to be the most upvoted, and therefore being read by thousands of people, increasing the odds of your website (or whatever you want to pitch in) being visited.

Just to give you some context: Quantcast estimates nearly 775,000 people access Quora each month in the U.S. alone, which is a significant audience of well-intentioned curious knowledge-seekers. However, the objective here would not be for you to spam and blatantly sell whatever you need to sell. Instead, aim to spread knowledge, be kind, altruistic, relatable. You will earn recognition, and that some times is well worth a lot more than a couple of sales. Some of the most known CEOs are actively participating in this social media platform. That should tell you something.

5. LinkedIN

This one is more geared towards those folks focusing on B2B Marketing. And, it does not need any introductions or over the top presentations. Everyone knows LinkedIn. Everyone knows what kind of social media platform it is.

Like any other of the major social media platforms, with LinkedIn, you are able to target your customer. You have information like company, industry, and job title or vocational function. The LinkedIn ad system collects this information about everyone in their network. They know whether a person is a marketing director, a technical writer, an office manager, the head of sales, or the CEO. They know whether that person works for Coca-Cola, Apple, Amazon, or Birdchain. They know whether a person lives in London, NYC, LA, San Francisco, you know where I am getting at.

However, a word of caution. People tend to exaggerate on LinkedIn. If they are a customer service agent or a telemarketer, you will probably find them as: “Customer Success Manager” or “Executive Sales Manager”.

That is it, fellas. What is your favourite advertising medium?

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