Former Member of IOTA Foundation & & E7 Ventures Founder Joins Birdchain as Advisor

Team that develops Birdchain decentralized application (dapp) received massive support today. A blockchain superstar David Allen Cohen, former member of IOTA foundation, current member of Hashgraph, joined their advisory board. The new advisor will help the team in the fields of business development and technology research.

Support of David A. Cohen, the new advisor, adds even more confidence and trust to the Birdchain project. Especially now, when the ICO of Birdchain starts on March 1, 2018.

David A. Cohen has participated in ventures all over the world. His interest in diverse blockchain projects led him to the Birdchain. The company aims to disrupt global A2P SMS market and to establish themselves in global market.

Birdchain plans to achieve it by allowing regular people to earn monthly passive and active income in crypto. For example, allowing the dapp to exchange their unused SMS plan to crypto. Team estimates to facilitate delivery of 10 billion texts on the second year of operation which will require the same amount of transactions to reward dapp users.

Extensive and comprehensive experience of the new advisor in various blockchain networks will the team to develop the app quicker. Beside being member of IOTA foundation, David A. Cohen has in-depth knowledge of Ethereum and other blockchains.

The new advisor of Birdchain is internationally renowned for his pioneering work on SmartGrid software platforms. He also is founder of and founder and managing partner at E7 Ventures. He also directed strategy for what became the largest electric-vehicle charging-services company in the world.

The team of Birdchain has 22 members and 5 advisors in total. Other advisors have extensive experience in development of blockchain solutions, international financial services, marketing and data privacy and information security.

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