How to launch an ad with Birdchain. A complete guide with tips and tricks!

Birdchain is an incentivised advertising platform, where anyone can create an advertising campaign and broadcast it to our community in a matter of minutes. Currently Birdchain support creation of two types of ads: static images or YouTube videos. You can pick one of those to suit your interests. In one of our articles we have also covered some examples of what you can advertise.

Here we will cover several key points listed below. Feel free to skip directly to the paragraph of your interest:

1. Visit your dashboard and create an account
2. Dashboard key elements
3. Create your ad (tips and tricks included!)

1. Visit your dashboard and create an account

In order to create an advertising campaign, you must visit the dashboard first. To do so, go to and log in using the same email and password that you use for the Birdchain app. If you never used the app before and have no account, then create one by hitting “Register” and filling blank spaces.

Click “Next”.

We will ask you to enter some basic information about yourself: gender, country, date of birth, interests. This information is not mandatory but will help us to sort out the best content for you.

Click “Next”.

Read the terms and conditions and check all three boxes. Then click on the “Register” button. That is it! Your account is set and ready to use. Let’s move on and find out how to launch an ad?

2. Dashboard key elements

Once you log in into your dashboard, you might need to familiarise with some elements. We believe our user interface is very simple and intuitive, but we will still show you some key elements, just to stay on the safe side.

  1. This is your token balance. BirdCoin (BIRD) is a native token and fuels the ad creation process and the whole platform. On the other side, users earn BIRDs for watching the ads. Before you launch your first ad you might want to top up your balance (see step 2).
  2. This is where you top up your balance. Once you click here, you will be redirected to a new page with Ethereum address (and QR code) to deposit your tokens. Send your tokens here and once they arrive the balance (see step 1) will be updated. Deposit address is unique for each user.
  3. Once you have some tokens on your balance, you can finally create an ad! Simply click here and fill the blank areas on the redirected page.
  4. This is statistics areas where you can track the progress of your ads and list of your current and past ads.

3. Create your ad (tips and tricks included!)

Now you have familiarised with the interface, key elements and how to top up your account. Let’s go through the whole ad creation process. Don’t be scared by the number of steps listed below! Once you have all you need the whole process won't take more than 5 minutes (or money back!).

  1. Name your campaign. Only you can see this title and it is for your own records. If you are a frequent advertiser it will help to find an ad quicker from the list of your campaigns.
  2. Name your campaign (yup, again). This is what users will see once they open their app.
    - Make sure the title clearly describes the content and/or gives an idea of what to expect from the ad. The title has to be catchy, as it will improve your view rate. However, no clickbaits or clearly misleading titles are allowed.
  3. Introduce yourself! Let the world know your brand name even before they see the ad.
  4. Select an image you want to use as a background or main message for your ad. For the best quality, the resolution should not be less than 240x500, 9:16 pixel ratio, .jpeg, .jpg or .png format. We advise using eye-catching images.
    - Don’t be shy to use a full range of colour, or be minimalistic. Do it with a style!
    - You are very welcome to include all the relevant information into the image (such as text). However, keep in mind that images with more than 20% of text have a chance of failed delivery (people do not like to read a lot!).
    - Make sure your image does not violate any community rules and law!
  5. If you want to advertise a video it should come as a YouTube video. Simply place a link and that is it!
    - A video should not be longer than 5 minutes
    - Video ads longer than 30 sec reduce delivery and click rate significantly. Be concise!
    - Make sure your video does not violate any community rules and law!
  6. If you selected an image ad (step 4), you add an extra message 150 symbols long.
  7. This is a preview of your ad and what users will see on their phone.
    - Due to the enormous variation in aspect ration of each phone model, the ad might look slightly different on some devices.
  8. We are done here! Let’s move to the final step.
  9. Set the cost/reward per view of your ad. The higher the reward, the better the delivery rate.
    - All unused tokens will be refunded once the ad expires.
  10. If you wish to include a link you want a user to visit, then set the cost/reward per click. The higher the reward, the better the delivery rate.
    - All unused tokens will be refunded once the ad expires.
  11. If you set the click price (step 10), you can insert the link you want a user to visit.
    - Make sure your video does not violate any community rules and law!
  12. Choose how many users you want to target. The more users you target, the higher the total campaign's cost. [calculated as: (reward per view + reward per click) × number of users targeted]
    - The more users you target, the better the results are. You can consult with us if unsure what number to use.
    - All unused tokens will be refunded once the ad expires.
    - Make sure the resource you redirect users does not violate any community rules and law!
  13. Select the duration of your campaign. The longer it is, the better the chances of your message being seen!
  14. Include or exclude specific countries. This is particularly handy if you want to target specific regions, languages or jurisdictions.
  15. The total cost of your campaign. Make sure you have sufficient balance to launch this ad. If not, then you can reduce rewards or reduce the total number of targeted people.
  16. Done! Your ad will be reviewed by our team (to make sure it does not violate any rules or to advise you how to improve some bits) and approve ASAP (no longer than 1 working day).

Once your ad is up and running you can track the live progress of your campaign via the dashboard.

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