How to promote ANYTHING with Birdchain?

As you may already know, Birdchain is an incentivised advertising platform, where anyone can create an advertising campaign, and broadcast it to your audience, in a matter of minutes. Did you know that you can benefit not only by earning tokens but also spending them? Sounds a bit counterintuitive, right? Well, let’s see how it works!

Here we can divide ads into two categories: ads launched by individuals and ads launched by companies or businesses. Ads on Birdchain can be launched by both individual users and companies/businesses. What could a regular user possibly want to advertise? For example, advertising your personal referral link is an amazing use case. A lot of people can be reached with the click of a button. And it only requires that bit of time necessary to create an eye-catching ad to go with your referral link. Once the ad is viewed, the user is invited to follow your link and register. Another example of how our private users can benefit, is to gain and accelerate the growth of their audience on channels like YouTube and Telegram. Again, the process is super simple, create a content to begin with, and then just advertise your channel on Birdchain. In return, you will get 100% unique and genuinely interested users.

How can companies benefit from advertising on Birdchain? Let’s say you are about to launch an ICO. What does an ICO need right from the beginning? A Community! Instead of using fake accounts and bots, kickstart your Telegram channel with Birdchain. With our blockchain-&-crypto-enthusiast user base, you will reach real users that may take real interest and engage with your project. And this doesn’t apply only for businesses launching an ICO, similar scenarios can work with any social media channel!

Are you looking for a platform to advertise your product? On Birdchain, anything from digital and physical goods and services to groceries can be advertised. There are no limitations at all (as long the law is followed). Your ad will reach people who have selected the category of your product as their interest. But keep in mind that Blockchain and crypto are the rule of land here, so be sure to appeal to our precious crowd!

Case studies

Now, let the numbers talk. As of January 2019, Birdchain has around 3500 active users a week, all over the world. Our ads are launched both by individuals and companies, and the positive feedback we receive makes us work even harder to spread the presence of Birdchain.


This is probably the freshest and craziest crypto news program on YouTube, by our very good friend Darko. He has advertised the most recent and upcoming episodes of his show using Birdchain platform, and has done this more than once! With the help of Birdchain, he managed to smash his first target of 1000 YouTube subscribers. We couldn’t be prouder of him! Also, he has telegram chat channel (even crazier than his YouTube channel!), which was advertised with us. As a result, about 200 new users joined him, who are still there up to date. Now, the key figure is: 10% conversion rate! A number impossible to achieve with old-school ads.

ORCA Alliance

One of our partners who have also launched multiple ads on our platform. They successfully advertised their social media channels as well as the ICO event. As a result, a part of our users started to follow them and contributed to ORCA project development.


Welltrado is a global alternative investment marketplace. They were among the first businesses who tried our platform to on-board people for their platform on the launch day. Welltrado created a whole series of ads across a one-month period, resulting in an influx of newcomers.


This is where we will give you a tiny sneak-peak about our upcoming collaboration with Crowdholding. Crowdholding is an open innovation platform where the community and businesses meet to innovate and solve business challenges. The community gets early access to products and influences the development, creating products people actually want. We developed a whole plan prepared on how our communities can join the forces and benefit each other. And this another use-case for Birdchain. We are always open for interesting collaboration opportunities!

Individual users and referral links

We already have solid experience and a lot of feedback from users who have advertised their own referral links. At least two people promoted exchange referral links. One of them was newly launched Binance Jersey. With as little as 10.000 BIRD tokens spent (equivalent to about 20 USD), the user referred 97 people. In about one week he got his tokens back, as he collected the corresponding amount in commission fees from the people he referred. Another user advertised Huobi. Around 50 people followed the registration and KYC process, while the user also started to collect the commission fees.

Even one of our team members advertised his Lympo referral link. For as little as just a couple of dollars in BIRD tokens and specifically targeting only USA region, he received more than 80% on top of what he spent!

The only thing you have to take into consideration is that the first who advertises a specific brand will benefit the most! As any subsequent ad of the same brand will not yield you that many new registrations.


As you may see, Birdchain is the solution truly built for everyone. It does not matter if you are a large business launching, a start-up or an individual promoting an established product, a new project or a developing community, Birdchain is the global platform to inspire your growth.

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