Inside Birdchain: A day in the life of Birdchain’s CEO

Hello everyone, hope you are doing absolutely fantastic! Today we bring you an interview with our CEO, João! He is a very busy person, but spared a few minutes to answer the community’s most asked questions! You will also see an update regarding the SMS feature! Enjoy!

1 — What time you usually get to the office?

Every day I am in our HQ (Birdchains nest) before 9 am.

2 — Favourite beverage in the morning/snack (What type of coffee);

Usually, I have breakfast already in the HQ. I eat some curd sweet or some bread with something light on it, and black coffee — no sugar, no milk, just to enjoy the flavor.

3 — What do you usually do in the AM?

The first hour is spent mostly catching up, communications, news… and after the second cup of black coffee (never sugar, never milk :) ) the real production starts. Morning is usually more for testing APK, features, checking how the App is progressing, etc…

4 — What do you like having for lunch?

At some point I have lunch, at no specific time, it really depends on workflow, but usually after 12h30. Lunch is always in HQ. Sometimes alone sometimes with the team, depending on the time.

5 — What do you usually do in the PM?

The afternoon is usually when meetings happen, conf calls, team meetings, you name it.

6 — When do you usually leave the office?

Usually around 18h

7 — When do you think the SMS Feature will be fully released?

The first version is ready and will be rolled out in 3–4 different countries. Depending on the traction and on the viability in the field, we will release it in more countries.

The release will be gradual and the country succession will depend on 3 main factors:

- A2P SMS prices — we need to make sure that Birdchain service price is right for the clients and allows decent viable rewards for the users, keeping this balance is key to be attractive for both sides.

- Technical and legal restrictions — We want to avoid wasting resources implementing in a market to be shut down too fast.

- Languages available — For most cases, we want to release on that country native language, for the best experience.

So as you see, being truly global can take time, but building scale and a successful business doesn’t require to be available worldwide.

8 — When do you think the revamped referral programme will be released?

We are aiming for the first half of September. It will be a great tool and addition to our user acquisition efforts.

9 — Favourite Hobby?

I love to play guitar, play with my daughter, read and watch a good tv series.

10 — Favourite Movie?

Damn… just one? Let me give you a top something…

American History X

Underground (Emir Kusturica — love his work, really)

Empire of the sun

Fight club

Leon, the professional

Donnie Darko

The Matrix

The Wire (tv series)

Band of Brothers (tv series)

Southpark (tv series)

Also, everything Hayao Miyazaki

11 — Any words to Birdchain’s Community?

yes, just two…


That’s it fellas, hope you enjoyed knowing a little bit more about João!

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