Inside Birdchain: August Monthly Reporting & UPDATES!

Hello Everyone,

Today we bring you our August KPI Report and progress report so far. On our last post, we have informed you that the full release of the SMS Feature is almost there. Also, we did say that the full release of the referral programme is almost there as well… In this post, we will give you a small update on these in addition to the statistics for the Birdchain app to the month of August.

Regarding the release of the Full App {with the SMS Feature}…

Everything is ready from Birdchain side: The app is developed and submitted to Google Play and other app stores. However, now it is up to them to accept and publish this update. Unfortunately, it is not up to us, and we do not have a timeframe from them. Everything is according to the proper policies.

We received a lot of e-mails from community members asking when the update is getting released… and it is hard for us to say that we do not know. The matter of fact is… we do not know because it is not in our hands, unfortunately.

We will update you as soon as we have some definitive information. Nonetheless, you guys should be excited because it is definitely happening soon, rather than later. We are certain that this will not become a very big roadblock.

Regarding the release of the referral programme…

We are now beta testing the referral programme and expect to release the full programme in the upcoming weeks! Keep your eyes peeled as this will be (another) awesome chance for you to earn BIRDs!

The referral programme will also help us grow, increase our userbase, and keep feeding the BIRD to fly higher!

Regarding last month’s KPIs…

All-Time number of installs on the App: 68.58K

Monthly Active Users(August): 12K

Total number of campaigns launched in App: 519

Number of SMSs successfully sent in the Beta testing: 1823 from over 2100 sent.
Over 10000 BIRDs rewarded.

Number of users that sent SMS: 57

This is it, fellas! A short and straight to the point update from your friends here at Birdchain! We are committed to keeping you informed of what we are up to, our plans, and our progress. Accountability, being transparent, and community involvement is our main focus!


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