Inside Birdchain: Full Release

Yes! The day you most expected is here! Birdchain is very happy to announce the end of the Beta phase as we prepare for the full launch in Nigeria, Indonesia, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

The Beta Phase:

If you are curious about the statistics for the beta test, here they are:

Number of SMSs successfully sent: 1823 from over 2100 sent.
Over 10000 BIRDs rewarded.

Number of users that sent SMS: 57

Comments: Overall it was a successful beta testing. Users have pointed out their satisfaction, they have made some suggestions that we followed (such as moving the SMS tab to a more user-friendly and intuitive place), and they have thoroughly enjoyed this new way to earn BIRDs. It truly defines the term “passive income”. This is the start of everything. This is where we ironed most of the errors and prepared the app for a higher stream of users.

The FULL Release:

We are very happy to announce that very very soon, we are fully launching the new version of the Birdchain app with the SMS feature open for all users from the following countries: Nigeria, Indonesia, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. We cannot, unfortunately, disclose the exact date because it is pending Google Playstore’s review. It is up to them to approve and publish the latest release of the app to our users to download and enjoy. Whenever the app is published, we will announce throughout our social media channels.

These countries have the best combination of the market SMS price (the right price for A2P SMSs and the right price for our users), where firewalls are less strict to roll out the app, and the countries where we have the most support. Furthermore, the language was also a big issue. The Birdchain app is still only in English, so we had to be mindful of the first countries to roll out the full-featured version of the app. We do plan on translating the app to Russian, Spanish, French, and so on…

All we need now is to be approved by the Google Playstore. Once this is done, we will start an aggressive marketing campaign to acquire users in these target countries. We are also actively looking for other app stores — We recently submitted and are awaiting approval from aptoide —

The referral programme is also being rolled out soon! We expect by the end of this week or the beginning of next week, to roll out of this programme. This will also be awesome for those that want to earn some extra rewards from Birdchain.

If you have any questions that this post did not answer, please come by our telegram channel and ask us anything you want.

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