Inside Birdchain: Insights From The SMS Feature Beta Testing

Fellow  Birdchainer, certainly you know that the team has been super busy with  the testing of the SMS Feature. If you did not make it to the beta  testing, do not worry! You can see and read some of the insights in this  post. Also, as soon as we iron out the SMS feature, we will be  releasing it for everyone to enjoy some free BIRDs!

Without further ado, let’s get this started:

How does it look like?

Some screenshots of the user interface:

A user’s screenshot of the SMS feature working:

What are our beta testers saying?

What do you think of Birdchain’s SMS Feature?

-  Sms feature is really good I earned 500 birds from it and I joined the  beta to see the features and earn birds, I had no problem from the  beginning of testing

-  I think it’s pure genius for Birdchain to utilize this infrastructure  that’s already been so well established around the globe. After getting  to test the feature myself, I’m really excited to see where it goes from  here.

Why did you decide to join the Beta Test?

- I joined beta partly out of curiosity, but also because like, who wouldn’t want to trade unused SMS for BIRDs? :D

-  I just really wanted to be part of Birdchain revolution! I really  believe in this project, and I am looking forward to its mega growth!

Since when are you with Birdchain?

- Few months, I don’t remember the exact time. I stumbled on Birdchain while browsing Facebook.

- I joined Birdchain around March 2019.

- I am with Birdchain since the ICO!

Do you have some words you would like to say to the rest of the community?

- For the community just HOLD and be patient

- Peace out my dudes ✌️

- HODL!!!


Now, on to a couple of numbers about the SMS Feature Beta Testing:

- Beta Testers: 134 users

- SMSs Sent So Far: 1120 SMSs

- BIRDs Earned So Far: 5600 BIRDs

We  really hope you are as excited as we are for the SMS Feature  implementation. We not only believe but also know that it is a  game-changer in the SMS Industry, and we are glad to be able to share  this ‘revolution’ with you.


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