Inside Birdchain: KPIs [July]

So, how did Birdchain’s app do during the month of July? What’s up with the SMS feature? CoinMarketCap Listing? Read all about it in this short post.

As of the end of July, the Birdchain app has had more than 61.53k downloads altogether and our monthly active user base is around 13k. Furthermore, the App was opened more than 95k times during July!

We are extremely excited to see an interesting growth from the previous month and will keep on working to increase our user base.

Birdchain App SMS feature

Now, some stats regarding the Beta Testing of the SMS feature as of 8th of July:

  • Over 50 users sent test SMSs via Birdchain
  • 35 Active Beta Testers
  • 1200 SMS sent
  • 6000 BIRDs Earned.

This has grown quite a bit since the 8th of July and we will report the full figures on the next Month’s issue of Inside Birdchain: KPIs.

CMC Listing:

We are ecstatic to report that we have been listed on CoinMarketCap. A platform created to track the price, price changes, capitalization of different cryptocurrencies, among many other things. As it is a platform widely used by the crypto community, and not as easy to rank as other alternatives, we feel very strongly about our listing.

Check us on CMC:

What’s next?

Well… I cannot yet tell you. However, I can tell you two things:

  • Keep your eyes very peeled to our social channels and Telegram.
  • Tune in to next week’s live show! It is going to be a good one. I promise!

September is just around the corner (actually around the corner is tomorrow), and it is an exciting month! Very busy, but very rewarding! I cannot say anything more, yet…

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