Inside Birdchain: SMS Industry with Jonas

After Jonas appearance on Birdchain’s Live Show, here is a supporting interview talking a bit about the SMS Industry.

1 — In a few words can you introduce yourself to Birdchain’s Community?
My name is Jonas, I work in SMS industry for almost a decade now.

2 — In a few words can you tell me what do you do within Vertex?
I work as a Key Account Manager in Vertex — I take care of delivering marketing SMS campaigns for our biggest clients.

3 — Many people think that SMS Services are dead, now using WhatsApp and other similar services, is this the case?
It is partially true, but just for P2P (Person-to-Person) messages — people like IM (Instant Messaging) apps more than a simple SMS due to richer content, free calls, etc. But for the A2P (Application-to-Person messages, when SMS is sent from a company to a person), SMS is still leading the pack. And I am sure this trend will keep for at least a few years.

4 — How and Why do big companies use SMS Services? Can you provide some examples?
Big companies use SMS services for a variety of different tasks: important notifications (one time passwords, orders, deliveries), promoting new services (download app, visit webpage, visit new store), informing about sales and discounts. SMS is still the most reliable channel for businesses to contact their customers (highest open rate, best reachability).

5 — In your opinion, what are the key differences between SMS Services and other services that provide reach like e-mail, for example?
Emails, IM apps do have some advantages like richer content or price per message. But SMS has some key points which keep it at the top: over 5 billion people have mobile phones which support SMS; you do not need any specific setup or application to receive SMS; more than 90% of SMS messages are opened in 3 minutes from receiving. It is really hard for other platforms to compete with that.

6 — In your opinion and extensive experience, where is the SMS Industry moving towards? What is the future of the SMS industry?
I think that SMS might lose its value as a communication tool between people. It will also give some of its market share for other platforms in the marketing messaging sphere. But I am pretty sure that for the service messaging SMS will be №1 for quite a long time. It is still growing!

7 — In your opinion, how does Birdchain fit in that future?

SMS prices have been constantly rising, and Birdchain seems like a very simple yet clever solution to this problem. And the best thing is that it not only allows businesses to save money but for the app users to earn as well!

8 — In your opinion, how is Birdchain disrupting the SMS industry?
I would not call this disrupting. I would call it adapting and evolving.

9 — In your opinion, how is Birdchain different from other companies operating in the SMS industry?
Birdchain offers using time-tested tools more efficiently. It does not simply re-sell messages as all SMS aggregators do — it sells unused clients’ messages for businesses. It is like recycling, but better!

10 — Thank you very much for your time, is there something you would like to add or say to the Birdchain community?

Thank you very much for inviting me. And for the community — “Go, Birds!!!”.

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