Is PPC dead?

Paying for someone to click on a link may sound a lot better than paying for someone to just ‘view’ a display ad. However, is it any better than paying for someone’s attention?

While paying to click a link may be profitable, or not, this does not guarantee that whoever clicks that link will pay attention to what you have to sell. Actually, many times, the clicks you are paying for are pure bots, according to PPC Hero, bots are eating up $7 billion in Ad Revenue per year! That means that when you see that 1000 people clicked on your ad, perhaps only a fraction of those people were “real”.

In a day and age with so many distractions, getting someone’s full attention may be nearly impossible. Unless, of course, they have some incentive to do so. We can even argue that someone’s full attention today, may be a commodity… Just like Gold, for example.

The Trust in PPC Marketing.

Don’t take me wrong — PPC Marketing can be, and it is, a very powerful tool for any company — If used correctly together with a good branding strategy. However, its reputation is a bit tainted by:

  • Bots taking a big part of the ad spend;
  • Low-quality content (SPAM);
  • Misleading Content (SCAMs);
  • Compliance Issues;
  • Constant Algorithmic changes keep Marketers guess and doubt about their website optimization;
  • Users want more privacy (Use of Adblockers);
  • Cost of PPC, especially if you target countries with a higher purchase power (US, UK, etc.), is very high. As an example, I once ran a PPC campaign for a sunglasses start-up focusing on the European Market, and the cost per click was between 1 to 2 euros. Very expensive considering that this was only per click and not per acquisition.

What about the alternative?

Incentivised advertising!

What is that and how is it different than PPC Advertising?

Well… in Incentivised advertising you are paying for an individual’s attention. This way, unlike PPC, you are sure that you paid for someone to watch or perform some sort of action on your landing page. There are absolutely no chances your results will be dominated by bots. With incentivized advertising, you see the results!

As the cherry on top of the cake, incentivize advertisements elicits positive feelings in customers, as they get rewarded after finishing a specific action, possibly creating a positive brand association.

Are you afraid they will only perform an action to get paid not because they are interested in the content?

That is why, as with PPC, you are able to target your audience as you would like. Male, 25–49, that is a crypto aficionado. Are you promoting a crypto project? Chances are this profile will be interested in watching your ad. Being rewarded is just the cherry on top!

Final Remarks:

This is not to say that PPC is dead! It is still very much alive. However, for the type of campaign you want and the objectives you may envision, there may be other more suitable alternatives. One of these alternatives is Incentivised Advertising.

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