Iungo partners with Birdchain

Relating to 2018

Iungo & Birdchain Partnership

Iungo has signed a partnership with Birdchain — prebuying 200 Ether worth of Birdchain tokens for their future service!

What is Iungo?

Iungo is an open-source platform that enables anyone to become a local internet provider in the global WiFi network. They see two key problems in the current global WiFi network. One mobile data plans implement usage restrictions and relatively high fees. And Two WiFi connection has annoying nuances such as localized captive portals and injected advertisement to dangerous issues such as malicious hotspots and open access points where more or less everyone can eavesdrop on your unencrypted traffic.

Iungo network will rely on the existing physical Internet infrastructure to carry end-user traffic and will form an overlay network with unified end-user identification, authentication and billing systems. They will use the Ethereum network to build trusted, transparent accounting and payment infrastructure.

To read more about Iungo visit — https://iungo.network

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