[KPIs] May — Community Reporting

In a continuous effort to increase transparency, we present you some key performance indicators (KPIs) related to Birdchain. Here, you are able to check our all-time key figures, as well as the number of active users over this month of May.

All-Time number of installs (as of 31 of May of 2019): 44110

Monthly Active Users (May): 9.6 thousand

For an app growing organically, without investing in user acquisition (for now), and with crypto at its core, we are proud of this number. Once our user-acquisition efforts start, we expect to see an increase in these numbers.

Campaigns Awarding BIRDs (as of 31 of May of 2019): 369

It is true that a large part of these campaigns are Birdchain broadcasts of updates and educational content. Another part are our pioneer clients. However, around 20% of these campaigns are user-generated, which is a key part of the original spirit and goal of the broadcast platform — Anyone can reach their audience!

BIRDs Earned in-App (as of 31 of May of 2019): 5,650,996 BIRDs
BIRDs Withdrawn (as of 31 of May of 2019): 1,920,458 BIRDs

This is the number that proves the user utility of the App, unlike many “earning” apps where withdrawals are almost impossible, Birdchain users withdrew roughly one-third of all BIRDs awarded in-app!

Birdchain is developing! As with life, and any start-up, especially in the crypto space, adaptation is the only constant. Here at Birdchain, we believe that the community is an important part of the project. Therefore, we want to stay close to and involve you in this project.

P.S. — Certain KPI’s will be updated monthly, not every KPI here presented, but we will make sure we keep you on the loop on Birdchain’s progression.

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