Birdchain gets listed on P2PB2B Exchange

Dear Birdchainers,

Following Birdchain’s development and the release of the updated roadmap, we see that Q3 of 2019 is bound to be a quarter of growth and a quarter where more stepping stones towards success will be laid out.

What you have all been asking for has arrived! It’s time to have BIRD on an exchange that can serve well both our community and our prospective clients, and be a stepping stone to list BIRD on CMC. Our goal!

We see no better way to close Q2 than with BIRD listing, as a firm step to set the tone for Q3.

So it’s my pleasure to officially announce that BIRD will be listed on!

The listing is scheduled for Thursday, 27th June, at Birdchain’s live show.

In the meanwhile, you can check and get familiar with P2PB2B, so that when the BIRD is available for trading, you know your way around.

Tune in to Birdchain’s Youtube channel this Thursday, and follow live on the listing.


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