Next steps for Birdchain

Hello Birdchainers

Today we want to do a sum-up of the past years and the foreseeable future of the Birdchain App.

We believe that Blockchain and Crypto will play an important role in the future as so do you. We still see Birdchain in the crypto world no matter that many projects just failed. We are a startup as many startups and we try hard not to fail but anything can happen.

Many smaller ICOs that got less contributions succumbed a long time ago and died under the weight of these challenges. That wasn't the case with Birdchain, but we struggled and are still afloat today.

Including the ICO period, Birdchain has now been running for almost 3 years. The App was launched 2 years ago and during this period Birdchain gathered over 100k installs on Google play and reached a peak of 18k MAU.

Naturally, running any project has expenses. During this 3 years period, Birdchain’s expenses have well exceeded the funds gathered during the ICO, and for the past year Birdchain has been running on founders funding alone.

Also, some of you may have noticed that in the past couple of months Birdchain has been temporarily delisted from Google Play store twice. This was due to the fact that we need our users to download an updated version of our App from a source that is not Google Play to use the SMS feature. We ran with this model for a year with the trust of our users. But these latest challenges forced our hand.

At this moment we decided to definitely kill the SMS feature, which means that in the next few weeks we will remove every trace of this feature. The Ad feature will then stand alone and remain as the backbone of the Birdchain App.

Even though without the SMS feature Birdchain has no real use for its parent company, we do not consider killing the project.

We specialize in SMS aggregation and have no real knowledge in the Ads or marketing industry, thus, allocating further resources to develop the App is not a priority and is not being considered at this time.

But we do have a deep gratitude and respect for the Birdchain community that has been with us for the past 3 years, and we want to find the best solution to ensure a long life for the project.

The App will be kept alive and running, as well as it’s support, and we will be looking for other partners or synergies to take over development and operations, and provide a future life for Birdchain.

We cannot stress enough our appreciation and gratitude for your support, the Birdchain community has been an amazing partner in our ride so far.

Thank you!

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