🔥NFT, Metaverse and Meme deflationary token🔥

👋Dear Birdchainians,

Our team has been working on a new product that you'll find interesting. This has pushed us to believe it's time for us to treat our NFT product as a standalone product since a new product has been added into the Birdchain plan of work. More about this new product will be announced later.

💪 NFT, Metaverse platform has really started picking up massively, for this reason, we will be creating our new NFT meme deflational token which will power our NFT metaverse platform.

Everyone holding #Birdchain token be it #BIRD Erc20 or bep-20 token will receive Our New NFT meme Deflationary token for free. The distribution ratio will be announced later.

👏The more Birdchain tokens you hold, the more of the free NFT meme deflational tokens you'll get for free.

A small portion of the NFT meme tokens will be available for IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).

We are already about to conclude the IEO process with an exchange.  More on this will be announced later.

Funds raised during the IEO will be used to add liquidity for Birdchain, the NFT Metaverse project, and other development purposes.  More updates regarding this will be available very soon.

The tokenomics of the deflationary token is very interesting. It's as follows:

👉a 5% fee for any transfer made,
👉3% of the fee will be distributed to all those holding the new NFT meme deflationary token in their wallet,
👉1% fee will go straight for marketing and charity.
👉1% fee will be burned.
Yes, I mean complete burn, and this will decrease the total supply each time someone makes a transfer, buy or sell the new meme token.  More updates on this soon. An initial 21% of the New NFT meme token has been burned. And more tokens will be burned each time a transfer or trade is made.

We plan on completing everything this November since we have the release of our birdchain chat feature and also the birdchain publisher and advertising platform to be launched this December as well.

More updates will be coming very soon. Go BIRDs...

Don't forget to swap for Birdchain on Pancakeswap.
Here is a direct link


Also, complete tasks in the Birdchain app to get rewarded with free Bird tokens.


Birdchain official social profiles for more information:

Official website: https://www.birdchainapp.com








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