One Month of Birdchain On p2pb2b — The Takeaways so Far

Roughly one month has gone by since Birdchain introduced a new exchange — P2PB2B. Although the community expects BIRD to be listed in more and bigger exchanges in the future, we feel that P2PB2B is the perfect stepping stone for our goals.

What are our goals?

Evidently, what we want to achieve is a perfectly working app where people can interact with ads while having full control of their personal data, get rewarded, and earn with their unused SMSs — That is not too much is it?

Well… when talking about the SMS feature, it has never been done before, it’s a completely new business model, so it is naturally demanding — both in resources as with development power and knowledge.

Certain other goals like awareness and eventual mass adoption will come from properly designed and advertised Marketing activities and others. As for now, until we have the SMS feature running as smooth possible, marketing activities would not bring a satisfying ROI. Therefore, we have decided that first and foremost, we would want to be ranked in CoinMarketCap. To achieve this goal and give our community a real centralized exchange to trade-in.

Why P2PB2B?

The volume was right, the price was right, ranked as a top50 CMC exchange was right, a good connection in P2PB2B and the way that the deal was conducted. Was a logical solution to our goal: Give the community a trustworthy exchange and reach CMC!

How Were The First Few Days?

As with all things new and all things technology — it did not go as we expected — we have to admit. There were bugs and deposit problems that were a disappointment for our community and even more for us, but after intense back and forth communication between Birdchain’s CEO and P2PB2B, we were able to solve almost all issues within the first few days. Naturally, there were some new issues arising very frequently. However, with constant feedback from our community, and great support from P2PB2B’s team, we were able to sort everything out within the first few weeks.

The First Month:

Bugs and other issues aside, within the first month, we were able to achieve our major milestone — Get listed on CoinMarketCap. Especially now that CMC is launching their app in several countries, this brings many new crypto-people to Birdchain. New crypto-people that want to buy tokens (increasing the volume), and new crypto-people that want to download the app and start getting rewarded for their time.

Words from our Community:

- P2PB2B is well known and reputable and has a good volume of Birdchain trades with good pairings

- P2PB2B is easy to register with and complete KYC and is easy to use with both desktop and mobile devices.

- P2PB2B is an excellent exchange for Birdchain to begin its journey

- P2PB2B is a good first exchange.

How has your experience been with P2PB2B? Let us know!

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