Our community has voted for their favourite exchange!

BIRD token is listed on a number of exchanges such as Mercatox, p2b2p2, IDEX, ProBit, BitZ and also a few others. A few weeks ago we asked our community where they like to trade their BIRD tokens and now we have the results.

Among our community the most popular exchange is ProBit. If you are new to crypto and Birdchain and you are looking for an exchange where to give it all a try check out ProBit here.

Simply create an account on their website. For security purposes you will need to verify your account both by receiving a verification code on your email and on your phone.

Now that your account is ready you can deposit funds to your account after which you are able to buy and sell tokens on ProBit exchange. You will find detailed instructions on how to do this on their FAQ page.

For information on how to withdraw your BIRD tokens from Birdchain app, please read our article about withdrawals - BIRD tokens withdrawal ABC.

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