Run Your Ads on #Birdchain

Dear Birdchainians

Do you have products and services you want to advertise?
You want the right people to know what you have to offer and become customers.

You can advertise your products and services to the right people using the Birdchain ads platform.

Birdchain which has a rewards app developed an incredible easy-to-use advertisement platform.

It makes it easy for businesses and brands of all sizes to run rich mobile ad campaigns.
Advertisers can create, deliver and optimize rich media advertising campaigns to the right audience.

The Birdchain ad platform uses blockchain tracking technology to verify, validate and reduce ad fraud to zero on all ad campaigns, ensuring that all your ad budget is being spent on getting new customers.

Create an account today to get started

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Don't have #BIRD tokens to advertise? You can always #SWAP on Pancakeswap

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