Sharing Economy and Birdchain

Sharing economy or collaborative consumption has flourished over the recent years and is the basis for a number of startups. Some aspects of it are already a huge part of our everyday lives. Maybe for this reason, we usually do not think of them as something revolutionary anymore. But step by step sharing economy is continuing to make our lives better.

As the term itself suggests, sharing economy refers to a practice in which individual people can borrow, rent or buy various goods and services owned by others. One of the reasons sharing economy has boomed is simple.

Quite often people find that something that they own has been left unused and it could be turned into a service. Simultaneously, this gives the borrower/buyer to get services and goods for a reduced cost.

Popular examples that have changed our lives

The term sharing economy become known with the launch of the online auction company Ebay in 1995. As Devin Wenig, Ebay President and CEO points out: “Today, one product can have many lives: buyers benefit with access to quality items at prices they can afford and sellers benefit by turning stuff they don’t need into cash they can use” (Wenig, 2016).

However, this was just the beginning. Sharing our goods and offering services to strangers gained popularity after AirBNB was introduced to the world in 2009. It all started when Joe Gebbia and Brian Chescky found themselves in a tight situation and needed some extra cash. By renting out their living room floor during the time when all of the hotels were booked in San Francisco, the concept of AirBNB started to take form. (Salter, 2012)

Around the same time the ride sharing company Uber started offering people the alternative way of transportation. Even though Uber is known worldwide, some other ridesharing or carpooling companies such as Taxify and BlaBlaCar have gained popularity in some parts of the world as well.

How does Birdchain fit in

We, at Birdchain, also noticed something — an opportunity that has been left unused. Just as so many people and companies before (and after) us.

This is why we are developing our instant messaging app, which also serves the purpose of automatically selling unused SMS messages to companies and earning a passive income.

Are you wondering how this can be possible? Most of mobile plans offer free SMS messaging services. Yet with internet being accessible almost anywhere, SMS messages are rarely sent anymore. This means enormous amount of SMS messages are left unused every month.

But there is someone that could benefit from those unused messages — businesses who are in need of A2P SMS services. Currently the prices are high and keep only increasing. At the same time the quality of this service is going down.

Soon, this opportunity for both individual users to sell their unused SMS messages and for businesses to have an improved way to send SMS messages to their clients, will be here.

While this feature is still under development you still have the opportunity to earn with us! Just download Birdchain from Play Store, start watching ads tailored for your interests and try out your luck.

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