SMS as a Service: What is it and Why it is important?

Sending SMS messages was widely popular in the 00s when the internet was not accessible everywhere. Now it might seem that sending SMS messages has died out and they don’t have any value anymore. The new trend is that all conversations are done in other more stylish and complete messaging apps (With awesome GIFS), making SMS seem outdated.

But think about it for a moment. We live in a mobile-focused world. All conversations are held on our smartphones. This means that almost 5 billion people worldwide have phones, and every single phone is equipped from scratch to receive SMS messages. This is the perfect opportunity for brands to communicate with their clients and community, and for marketers to reach their audience.

Why is communicating via SMS messages great?

ReachabilityEvery single phone in the world comes with SMS technology ready to use — you do not need to install any app for it to work. Doesn’t use an internet connection, so it’s not susceptible to common internet hacks and attacks. It’s a simple technology that virtually doesn’t consume data to the carriers/operators.

Reaches every phone in singularity — you can see how every messenger App tries to bind you to a phone number nowadays, to ensure that you are a unique user — SMS has been doing that from the very beginning — it does that by design!

1 phone number = 1 SMS receiver — no need for sign-ups, user names, or any data siphoning mechanism to feed the behemoths of personal data selling. SMS respects your privacy and gives away only your phone number.

Besides the fact that such a huge number of people can be reached almost instantly, there are some other factors why SMS service is still flourishing.

We are scrolling past hundreds of ads every day without thinking twice about them. We are letting most of the irrelevant emails to us to go straight into separate folders without ever opening them. SMS is different. The open rate for SMS messages is almost 98% and comparing it to any other channels, this outcome is huge.

Another great thing about SMS messages is that they will be opened almost instantly — usually in less than 3 minutes. This means that it is possible to get the word out to people in no time, giving companies the chance to promote even the most time-sensitive topics.

All of these qualities are highly beneficial for marketing messages and extremely important for service (like one-time-passwords) messaging.

In the end, we all live more and more on our phones. There are no other technologies that are more phone-inherent than phone calls and SMS. And these are the ones you use when you must make sure that you reach someone. Have you ever heard someone asking — Excuse me, do you have SMS?

New generation Apps and brands know that. They will not waste time and hassle you, asking “so you use WhatsApp? Viber? No… we don’t use that… maybe Wechat? Or Kakao? Signal? Skype? Slack? Discord? Telegram?(and the list goes on and on…)

No. They simply ask you for your phone number. They know how to take it from there, efficiently.

SMS works for most things:

Just signed up? Here’s your temporary pin.

Improved security? Here, 2FA, we’ll send you an SMS to confirm.

Made a reservation? Expecting a package? Time to get that price or promotion alert?

Here, you know what is used? — SMS.

No time wasting on visuals and layout, no ‘BS’, just simple, straightforward clear information. And people love that.

But yes, there is some truth to the “death of SMS” — In some cases, it seems that everything is just automated.

The death of p2p SMS is the rise of A2P SMS.

Or is it?

Why should SMS service matter to you?

SMS technology is of high importance to you because of Birdchain!

A2P SMS is booming. But P2P SMS doesn’t need to be dead, just needs to be directed to A2P purposes.

So, while SMS personal messaging might be dead and gone for you, it is not so for all the new Apps and brands that focus on the most efficient way to communicate with their users. They value these SMS messages that you have with your mobile package more than you know.

Now in a short while, our SMS feature will become commercially available. You will be able to sell your unused SMS messages to people who really need them to reach their audience.

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