The Future Of Business Is Responsibility

Marketing 101 says that business should be stemming from people’s needs. An insightful business minded person should spot something that is important, yet missing in people’s lives and introduce the product or service. Nowadays, however, the system seems to be quite different: product engineers are forced to come up with the newest, hippest products that have not been seen around before. Then, marketing team must come up with ways to sell those, that is, to make them look useful. It doesn’t take a lot of consideration to realise this is not a fair system which isn’t bound to survive. Here, we try to look at the future of businesses.

The Selfish Way Of Helping People

One thing is clear: the meanest business people will always find ways to make money out of nothing and keep it all to themselves. This, however, is not projected to become the general future of business. In fact, they will focus more and more on actual people’s needs and do everything to make their life better.

One way to do that is to introduce products and services that would simply make any daily tasks much easier. That would save people’s time and allow them to focus on things that matter more: family, own hobbies, and wellbeing, close friends, or even work. A smaller amount of chores would result in generally better existence. However, this is not the only way to go.

Easy Way To Look Good

Other businesses, so-called social ones, focus on improving people’s lives without requiring to spend any money. The simplest way is, of course, donating: businesses already invest into schools, various initiatives, children’s well-being, and so on. While it is surely not a bad thing to do, some critics argue that in a sense it encourages some unnecessary spoiling. When those from most economically sensitive groups get money thrown at them, they don’t always realise that they also need to put some effort themselves. Moreover, those that can pay for certain services, and thus don’t get support, don’t always feel it is fair. Luckily, there is a way to solve the problem

Passive Income Is The Key

Passive income is an answer to this issue. Currently, a passive income can only be acquired by having some unused assets: for example, real estate. Thus, it becomes the privilege of the rich. However, there are companies like coming up with business plans that would allow everyone to earn a passive income. For example, phone owners could utilise their unused SMS by automatically selling them to businesses and thus earning money for their basic needs without doing nothing. This would ensure less poverty and smaller wage gap. And, while there is sure some time to pass before it becomes a reality, it’s sure bound to become true.

Why Should Businesses Care

Whichever route businesses decide to go — whether they pretend to be good or are actually contributing to general wellbeing, there is a reason for that. Being a responsible business does not only help one’s reputation (even though it is highly important): it also ensures keeping clients in distant future. In order to buy a service or a product, a customer has to possess a certain amount of money. Ensuring that people get a steady income means a sure clientele. Additionally, it helps to solve major problems like poverty and wage gaps globally. Those that only try to show off will be quickly revealed and, as a result, become disliked. And those that do everything to improve the general quality of life will remain in the game.

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