Way To Use One’s SMS No One Has Yet Thought Of

We’re going to take a wild guess that you own a phone which comes with a plan that includes a certain amount of SMS, calls, and, usually, data. It’s been like that for years. Similarly, you are also likely to own an email address. The difference between that and your mobile plan is the usage, which is unlimited for your email. While some of it is direct work, at times, it is used solely to promote other companies’ products and services. It seems natural that the same should go with SMS. However, there’s hardly anyone out there who would use their personal messages for promotion. Let’s have a look why.

Remembering The Unused Messages

Once SMS messages have started gaining their popularity, they were fairly expensive, and there was only so many of them one could use weekly or monthly. If the limit was exceeded, users had to pay extra. However, it’s been a while since that is the case — mobile service providers are offering plans with unlimited, or a very high number of, SMS. Most those remain unused, as most communication is done online. Users, however, don’t have a choice of selecting less SMS — the plans are fixed, and everyone must pay for the amount provided. Now, those messages that are not sent remain unused, yet technically they are still someone’s asset. Naturally, it only seems fair to use it for anything the owner wishes for. Yet, there is hardly a way to do that at the moment.

No Way To Utilise SMS Yet

The above problem is simple — people just haven’t gotten into the habit of using remaining text messages for their own good. But those who have thought about it are facing another issue: there is no efficient way to do it. In some countries, there are companies that offer to buy the leftover messages. However, it is not just a simple transaction — what happens is a user has to actively, mechanically send those texts, that will be mainly used for promotion, thus investing a lot of time and effort. Additionally, none of those SMS buyers are transparent enough, and thus those who agree to sell their messages never know if they accidentally won’t become a part of some scam scheme.

The Solution To The Problem

The solution is simple. Birdchain service will allow regular people to automatically sell their unused SMS messages to businesses. It will reduce the price of A2P SMS service by up to 6 times for businesses and it will create an opportunity for people to earn up to 300 euros per month. This way creating a win-win situation for everyone participating, and would also present fairness to the users that now have to pay for a service they don’t use.

For more information visit www.birdchain.io

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