Ways to earn using Birdchain app!

1) SMS

Birdchain seeks to capitalize on the global market of more than 2 billion active Android devices. Whether you have postpaid or prepaid plans, you most likely have unused SMS messages at the end of the billing cycle. We estimate that you could earn up to 150 USD per month by simply allowing to sell your unused SMS via the Birdchain app. Just check it 8.3 trillion text messages are sent annually in Latin America and Asia alone! If this isn’t exciting enough, the Dapp will have more ways to earn by participating in surveys, watching video content, monetizing personal data and winning at in-app mini-games.

The best part for you — and the masses — is that Birdchain makes earning cryptocurrency easy and seamless. All you have to do is to download the Birdchain dapp and set your settings.

2) ADs

Probably this is no big secret to you but Facebook, Google, Apple, and other huge companies collect, store and sell not only the demographic data of their users but also information about their hobbies and habits. Facebook alone from all the data collected about their users earns $7.9 Bln quarterly and the people whose data was used received not a single dollar. Birdchain personal data marketplace reinstates the personal data processing back to the people.
The tool will work in two ways: it will allow companies to conduct surveys or to purchase their personal data directly. In the app settings, people can set whether they want additional earnings by participating in such surveys and/or by monetizing their personal data for third parties.

Since Birdchain is based upon volunteering principle, users will decide how much of their personal information they are willing to relinquish. Essentially, Birdchain is disrupting the market by reinstating the control of personal data and other information back to the people.

3) Content Engagement

One of the easiest ways people will be able to earn money will be through content engagement. Using such methods as previewing advertisements or live streams.

How Is It Going To Work?

Video viewing — for every advertisement viewed, users will get a reward for a certain number of tokens. After the video preview, BIRD tokens would be automatically transferred to their account.

Live stream — Users will be able to create and broadcast content within the Birdchain app. It will be possible to view the stream for free or set a fee to watch it. In both cases, viewers will be able to donate BIRD tokens if they enjoy the content. At the moment, the best example of such merit-based gaining would be twitch.tv platform, where people share how they play games and are rewarded by other players/viewers. That is not the only adaptation of this feature. Users can share moments of their life, travel, or adventure.

Tested Concept

This feature has been tested on our social network with over 1 million unique users. The content engagement feature that has been introduced in the social network has proven to be very successful. The results of user involvement were exceptionally good. Within a 6-month period since the feature launching, 80 percent of the online users were using it.

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