What's in the future for Birdchain

A part of our community has asked us about our new roadmap. We listened and decided to share our view of the foreseeable future for Birdchain.

Although a strict roadmap is hard to design before we get the SMS feature fully stable, we can clearly identify some checkpoints along the road for the next 2 years:

  • Testing and improvement of the SMS feature.
  • New "SMS feature education" campaign.
  • New referral program competitions.
  • Open wave 3 to more countries.
  • Continued user acquisition campaign.
  • Acquire new partneships and clients for the SMS feature.
  • Improve the ad feature with publisher option.
  • Acquire new partneships and clients for the Ad feature.

The coming months will bring new results and improvements on the SMS feature, which will shed light in defining the timing of each checkpoint.

Stay tuned, and... "Go BIRDs!"

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