Why Waste SMS When You Could Sell It?

As a mobile phone owner, you probably have a fixed contract with your service provider. You pay a monthly fee that you’ve probably forgotten about, and never really considered the fact that you have plenty of unused services left. Even if you browse a lot and like to stay on the phone for hours, do you really send all granted text messages? Given the fact that most mobile providers don’t even limit them now, we’re going to guess you are not.

Paying For Something You Never Use

Unfortunately, there is no way you can tell your provider you don’t need as many SMS messages and get a discount. They have fixed plans that already include what seems sensible to them. Thus, you have to pay for the whole package and get used to wasting some of it. If you have an entrepreneurial brain, you must have considered employing those unused assets at some point. There are plenty of companies that promise the best use of your SMS messages; however, most aren’t highly trustworthy. Additionally, it involves plenty of hassle — simply registering is not enough. You need to get involved in the mechanical process of sending those messages. As a result, money earned in such way couldn’t be called a passive income or employing your assets to work for you. It’s a job you get paid for, and, currently, it’s hardly the most profitable one.

The Problem With Fair Usage

What also often stops users from utilising their unused services to make money, is fair usage agreements. It’s a rule often enforced by a mobile service provider. While it’s presented upon signing a contract, not all customers read it and end up in trouble. Those who have heard about such cases usually stay away from doing any activities that could possibly result in some income. It is because the knowledge is based on rumours, rather than actual information. Surely, bombarding people with scam and spam messages would raise some awareness for your provider. However, if you don’t go over your monthly limit, your provider doesn’t not have a right to read your messages. That would be considered a privacy breach. Remember — you’ve paid for the service, so it is up to you to use it the way you prefer. Just like you use your email for anything you like. No reason SMS should be different.

Fear Of Scam

If you’d even considered selling your unused SMS to businesses, you might have been stopped by the probability of becoming a part of scam campaign chain. There are two ways businesses cheat on their SMS providers. Firstly, the business doesn’t pay. If you’ve only signed up on the website but didn’t sign any agreement, you might never receive a payment. To avoid that, you should always ensure there’s a contract involved. Secondly, you must be sure you aren’t going to participate in phishing or similar illegal activities. Unfortunately, the majority of companies that are willing to resell your messages for businesses do not check up on the business itself. They shake off the responsibility, thus blaming all on you — at the end of the day, it was your number that was used. To ensure you are only participating in activities that are legal, you need to find a trustworthy reseller.

Benefit For You

A little extra income never hurt anyone. Utilizing the services you’ve paid for is your right. Therefore, you should be able to use your leftover SMS messages however you like, and even better if that becomes a source of passive income. Stick to a few rules, ensure you’re not going against the law, and enjoy the flow into your bank account using Birdchain.

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