Why you start advertising with #Birdchain ads

Dear #Birdchainians

By now, you already know #Birdchain has an ad platform that allows you to advertise your products and services to reach a wider audience.

In case you didn't know about it, here is a direct link to the #Birdchain ads platform

This article on our blog will get you started on advertising with #Birdchain ads.

So why should you advertise on #Birdchain ads platform?

1.Quality control: Unlike other ads platforms that overwhelm you with a complicated dashboard, #Birdchain ads gives you more control over who sees your ads, and on what device in a simple to use interface without distractions.

2.No bot traffic: one of the common problems with online advertising is bot traffic that can cause you to lose serious money and corrupt your analytics.

With #Birdchain ads, you don’t have this problem because your ads are delivered to the user right on their mobile devices.

That means if 1000 people click to view your ad, you can be sure it is coming from real 1000 human beings.

3.Reduced costs: Advertising with #Birdchain ads allow you to save time and money while still having an effective advertising campaign.

The best thing is that you pay with #Birdchain #BIRD tokens.

To begin advertising, you can either get #BIRD tokens for free by completing task in the 📌#Birdchain app and by 📌swap directly on pancakeswap.

With our 24hr/7 support, you can always reach out to us anytime you need help with advertising. Use the live chat on Birdchain website or email us here: [email protected]

Birdchain official social profiles for more information:
Official website: https://www.birdchainapp.com/

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