Mid-May Update

Dear community,

I hope that you are all safe and well. It is great to finally see the confinement measures of CoVid-19 loosening up all around the globe and our Birdchain team back in the office with a new exchange to trade BIRDs on - Go BitZ!

Returning to work feels like a time of renewal and the perfect opportunity to bring some changes that we head planned some time now and to try to help our community. First of all we have decided to restructure our Telegram channels.

Our main Telegram channel has been around since the pre-ICO era, is full of bots and inactive members who have joined us throughout the years. It is time to convert it into our announcement channel.

At the same time, our SMS Beta channel will be extended to as an App support channel, providing a dedicated medium to provide support about the Birdchain App.

These changes will come into effect on the 25th May.

We also want to launch our Post-CoVid19 initiative. We want to help and empower our community to overcome these challenging times.

If you want to launch any campaign with the clear purposes of:
- CoVid19 awareness.
- Humanitarian help.
- Small businesses and activities survival

Simply contact our team to review your idea and your message, if accepted, the campaign will be launched on Birdchain’s budget.

Everything else will stay the same for now. As always, you can contact us via our channel admins & support: @mykolas_poc & @mirjamr, our community ambassador @multti, or me directly @Joao_Martins.

Stay strong, GO BIIIIRDS!!!!

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