YouTube vs Podcasting — Where Should You Start?

You are interested in start blogging, you decide that writing is boring and that it takes some time to see some growth. To be honest, you are probably right! People usually prefer either video or audio. It is much easier to consume content this way. And it is also much easier to be entertained this way.

So… which one is the best for you?

It all boils down to your objectives. What do you want out of your content? Do you want to be accessible, increase your notability, or you just want to earn money?

Even though these both mediums are growing at a very [very] fast pace, they are slightly different when it comes to targeting.

Now, it is important to mention that you do not have to single out one medium. There are a ton of bloggers that do both YouTube and Podcast (and maybe also written blogs). However, if you are time-constrained and looking to start in one place and then move to another, consider the following:

  1. Money, Money, Money

Is your objective is to earn money? The faster the better?

YouTube would be an obvious choice here. As soon as you have some audience and some visualizations, you can start making a small salary out of YouTube’s Ad Programme. For example, there are YouTubers with roughly 30k subscribers earning a bit more than 1000€ per month. However, the number of subscribers does not matter! What matters is the number of visualizations your videos get. Therefore, the more [quality] content you produce and publish, the more visualizations you will get, the more money you will make. Furthermore, once you reach an acceptable level of subscribers you can contact (or be contacted) by companies to promote their products / services (depending on your niche of course).

Regarding Podcast, there is no particularly interesting Ad Programme like YouTube has. There is, however, ad placements, when a company pays for the host to advertise their product / service in their podcast. It is not automatic, as with YouTube. However, the CPM on a podcast is much higher! In fact, the price per 1000 listens sells for anything between $18 and $30. Now imagine you have 10,000 listens per episode on a podcast, you could be earning around $300 per episode! While on YouTube the CPM falls in between $1 to $10.

Winner: Depends on what you are looking for. Easiness of earning money? YouTube. Higher CPM? Podcasting.

2. SEO

Now, you should also consider how easy will be for the average Joe to find your channel.

YouTube, in itself, such as Google, is a search engine, but for videos. Just write: “How to flirt” and in less than a second, you will have available a plethora of videos you can use to up your flirting game!

When it comes to a podcast, that, unfortunately, does not happen. This means you will have to find your audience somewhere else. Well… it is not really this black and white: people can find you on a podcasting platform by searching for your podcast’s category for example. However, it is not as easy as on YouTube as you can imagine.

Winner: clearly YouTube when it comes to how easy it is to gain audience.

3. Easiness of Production

This one is pretty straightforward… if you want to produce a YouTube video, you will need a camera, some decent place to record, a microphone, a video editing software, and a computer. In contrast, for a podcast, you only need a microphone and a computer. You can also use a free audio editing software, such as Audacity, for example.

If you are shy, podcasting is also a very good alternative as you do not have to show yourself!

Winner: Clearly Podcasting

4. Your Content

There are some types of content that are best conveyed visually. If you are going to review products or unbox them, visually has more impact. Also, you have to consider how long will your content be. People watching YouTube videos have a much shorter attention span than those listening to a Podcast. In general, YouTube videos have less than 10 minutes, while podcasts are known to be long (some even in excess of one hour).

Now, ask yourself two questions.

  • How long will my content be? (Can I speak about a topic for at least 20–30 minutes at a time)
  • Where do I want my audience to consume my content? (At home on their computer, or on the car on the way to work)?

Podcasting is, generally, more accessible. People can download and listen to it pretty much anywhere.

Winner: It all depends on the type of content you produce.

Bonus Tip: There is much less competition podcasting than there is over at YouTube. However, bringing and increasing audiences podcasting is much harder than with YouTube.

To be completely honest, there is no set rule on where to start. The important thing is to start! No matter where you publish your content, you will have to publish consistently high-quality content, so you can increase your audience and monetize your content.

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