An Update Regarding Roadmap.

Dear Birdchainian,

The listing coming up on the 31/03/2021 has been postponed.
After consideration, the team decided that it would make more sense and better for Birdchain to get this swap done ASAP.
That will also allow us to start doing some great trading on pancakeswap and other DEx on #BSC at a very low gas fee!

So far #Birdchain is not really harnessing the Benefit of DEx.
So we want to move things fast to allow our community to reap the benefits of trading on pancakeswap and other DEx.

Birdchain's #Roadmap will be available next week on the 08/04/2021:
This is for a good reason, as we are still working on the timeline for our DeFi and NFT products due to all the possibilities and features we want to see implemented. Unfortunately we can't have it all in a short period of time, so we need to chose thoroughly the best path to take.

We are giving Birdchain our very best for maximum results, so stay tuned ;)

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