#Evaluation updates for #Birdchian Community

Hello, Dear #Birdchian Community Evaluation is getting more complicated than we thought. We have more than 120,000 addresses and accounts to evaluate to make sure we got everything perfect from the old team. Please dear Community, we will plead with you to be more patient with us as this evaluation may take a little longer than we thought. We got so much stuff from the old team and we need to evaluate everything we got so we can better run this project successfully.

Due to the ongoing evaluation, all pending withdrawal requests will be cancel and the #BIRD refund back to each user accounts. We can't start approving withdrawal requests when we are not done with the evaluation of all wallets and accounts we got from the old team. Once we are done with the Evaluation, we will Approve all withdrawal and submit #Birdchain token for the official listing on #Uniswap. After we submit #Birdchain token for official listing on #uniswap, we will officially add #birdchain token on #uniswap so you can start providing liquidity for #birdchain token and benefits rewards of #Birdchain trading on #uniswap. After the listing on #uniswap, We will work hard to see #birdchain token get listed on many other good #exchanges so you can better trade your #Birdchain token.

Please you have to be patient with us dear community, for we are a New team that has come to stay, so we need to get this evaluation completed before we start approving withdrawal requests.

Don't forget to download/update your app from google playstore.




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